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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Student Feedback – YFL Class 8 Sept 2010

    “Yoga for Life as a program has been helpful in dealing with daily stress facing and living with HIV.  It helps that the community are so normal, even in the reality of HIV. It’s very healing and positive. “

·      “Since I started yoga, I never had fever.  I used to have low-grade fever daily. I never felt so lazy or lethargic since. I feel rejuvenated. It makes me feel whole.”

·      “Yoga has helped me to start thinking about the healthy lifestyle and actually start living it.  It gave me more focus especially when a normal day turns into a stressful one.  It is a very good way of detoxifying…”

·      “Yoga for Life has been and still is a life and attitude enhancing experience. It makes you feel part of a community.”

·      “It was nice, relaxing and distressing. Time worth spent.”

·      “There really isn’t much I can say.  I am just glad that there is a venue for me to distress with the little time that I have. It would be nice though if there are more sessions during the week.”

·      “Enjoyed this more than I expected. Twice a week yoga is becoming something I look forward to and prioritize each week.”

·      “Yoga for Life is a wonderful positive influence in my life. Thanks!”

·      “I feel more relaxed. My headache gone after the session. I enjoyed this.”

·       “For me, yoga is good for my health and I feel good after I did it.  First time I attend this class I tell to my self that I love it to do Yoga for Life.”
·      “All my stress and all the hard thinking has vanished because of this yoga. Love it!”

·       “Relaxing, can ease tension. Looking forward to the next session.”


  1. Life has many beats to offer, amidst of all the heights that we try to climb and with all the competition that we have to face, emotions surge completely and we need to depart at some extent and feel the need to bring ourselves back to where we had started.

    This is what Yoga for Life had shown me, that the practice of yoga and the essence of yoga is to bring myself back to where I was and make my body one with my spirit again. Physically and mentally relaxing, yoga is more than what eyes can see - it is a lifestyle that brings oneness to the self..

    Thanks YFL!

  2. For me yoga changes my lifestyle, bad eating patterns, I have now more concentrated on what i am doing and lots of thing about my lifestyle.